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Teen Patti Master App Overview

Category Details
App Name Teen Patti Master
Size 68 MB
Latest Version 2024
MOD Info taurus.com
Available On Google Play
Update Date 10 March 2024
Rating 4.2 stars
Reviews 108k reviews
Downloads 10m+
Content Rating Rated for 18+
Data Safety No data shared with third parties, No data collected
Updated On April 6, 2024

Add Cash In Teen Patti Master

Adding funds to your Teen Patti Master account is not just a necessary step to start playing your favorite games, but it’s also an opportunity to avail yourself of several lucrative bonuses.

  • Starting the Process:
      1. Open the Teen Patti Master app. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, make sure to download the Teen Patti Master APK from a reliable source.
      2. Once the app is open, look for the ‘ADD CASH’ button. It’s typically located in the right corner of the app’s interface.
  • Understanding the Bonuses:
    1. Teen Patti Master offers a variety of bonuses when you add cash to your account. These bonuses increase with the amount you choose to deposit.
    2. For instance, adding Rs. 100 to your account might get you a total of Rs. 107, which includes a 7% bonus. Similarly, a deposit of Rs. 300 could bring your total to Rs. 347, thanks to a 17% bonus.
    3. The bonuses keep scaling up with the amount added. Deposit Rs. 500, and you could receive Rs. 610, which is a 22% bonus. Larger amounts can fetch you up to a 37% bonus.

How to add FUNDS into Teen Patti Master?

  • Initiating the process

Start by tapping the ‘Add Cash’ icon in the app. This is your first step towards boosting your Teen Patti Master Balance.

  • Choosing the Amount

You have the flexibility to select how much you want to add. Options include Rs. 300, Rs. 500, Rs. 1000, and other denominations to suit your needs. 

  • UPI Options

The app offers multiple UPI Options such as Phone-pay, G-pay, etc. along with an Official chips seller. Choose one that’s convenient for you.

  • Confirming the Transaction

Once you’ve selected your amount and payment method, click on the ‘Add Cash’ button to proceed.

  • Finalizing the Payment Option

You’ll then be prompted to choose a specific UPI app for the transaction. Options such as Phone-pay, BHIM UPI, Google Pay, among others are there and you can choose the preferred option.

  • Completing the Transaction

Finally, proceed with the payment. Once confirmed, the cash will be added to your Teen Patti Master account, ready for you to enjoy the game.

 Withdrawal Process in Teen Patti Master

  • Understanding the Withdrawal Limit:
      1. The minimum amount eligible for withdrawal in Teen Patti Master is Rs. 500. This threshold applies to both game winnings and referral earnings.
      2. Ensure your balance meets or exceeds this limit before initiating a withdrawal.
  • Choosing the Withdrawal Method:
      1. Teen Patti Master offers two convenient withdrawal methods: bank account transfer and UPI transfer.
      2. Select the method that best suits your preference for a smooth transaction experience.
  • Initiating the Withdrawal Process:
      1. Start by clicking the ‘Withdraw’ button in the Teen Patti Master app interface.
      2. Choose your preferred withdrawal method: UPI or Bank Transfer.
        1. For UPI: Enter your UPI ID.
        2. For Bank Transfer: Fill in your bank details, including the name, account number, and IFSC code.
  • Completing the Withdrawal:
      1. After selecting your withdrawal method and entering the necessary details, enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
      2. Confirm the transaction details and proceed with the withdrawal.
      3. The funds should reflect in your account within a short span, often within just a few minutes.
  • Leveraging the Teen Patti Master APK:
    1. To ensure a smooth withdrawal process, make sure you have the latest version of Teen Patti Master APK. Download it from a trusted source for an updated and secure experience.
    2. The APK file provides a stable platform for all your gaming and transaction needs in Teen Patti Master.


Q1: What should I do if I encounter problems during the recharge process in Teen Patti Master?

If you face issues during recharge due to network or server glitches, and don’t receive the money within 3 hours, utilize the ‘Recharge Help’ feature. You’ll need to upload a screenshot of your recharge along with your 12-digit Transaction ID. Any deducted amount will be promptly credited back to your game ID.

Q2: How does the withdrawal process work in Teen Patti Master?

Withdrawals are processed by the bank once requested. Typically, this is instant, but it might take up to 24 hours, and in rare cases, 1-7 days. If the bank has confirmed the withdrawal but the funds haven’t appeared in your account, it might take up to 5 days. Contact customer support if the funds are still missing after three working days.

Q3: How does the referral program in Teen Patti Master work?

By inviting friends using your shared link, you can earn a portion of the prize according to the referral program terms. This is applicable when your friends download, sign up, and start playing the game.

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